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08/17/2003: "Playoffs - Game One"

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TEAMS1st2nd3rdTOTALShots On Goal
Misfits 201325
The Force351933

And that ALMOST officially ends our summer season... Almost, with a score like that? It's only single elimination, but supposedly the other team had a bunch of players that may or may not be eligible to play in the playoffs. (You have to play a minimum of 6 games in the season in order to play in the playoffs.) The refs said if you go on the ice and your players are not qualified, your team gets DQed. They played anyway. It was bad enough that we were short benched again, but even after we had a few relief players, 2 more offense, we seemed to let things go and let at least 5 unanswered goals get by. I did managed to grab a powerplay goal in the first, high glove-side. Man, I really felt a hat trick today too...

There were a bunch of penalties throughout the game, and I actually managed to stay out of the box. I think Sean did to, HA. I did seem to aggravate my non-injury to my side twice in one game. The first, I had just got on the ice then I'm cross-checked high and somehow land on my side, and manage to hurt in two places. Second, last POSSIBLE second, I have the puck skating on the boards past the blue line I'm basically tackled from behind, I take him down with me, he's basically laying on me, and proceed to pound on him with the butt of my stick. He's lucky I couldn't reach his head, because his legs were tangled with mine. Now that I think of it, I shoulda taken my stick and taken a good swing at him. I think it was the same guy who took me down the first time. He got thrown out of the game, so if they don't get DQed, he better not be on that ice when the time comes... Well, all I can do is wait for the email telling me to dress up next week, or wait for call back for the winter season. Wish us luck.

Either way, we played a DAMN good season, and really came back from basically nothing and stuck in it to be nicely placed tied for fourth in the season. I think everyone did an exceptional job, and we actually grew better as a team as well as individuals. Too bad we didn't win the points tie breaker. I thought I calculated it to be in our favor, oh well. Until next time, guys.
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