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09/20/2003: "Stupid Cars Out At 11PM"

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WTF are there so many damn cars out at 11PM on a Saturday Night on 101 Going SOUTH?! Yes, I'm stupid. I just got off work after 12 working hours + 1.5 hr breaks. I'm up to 44 hours and it's only Saturday, I still have another 8 hours left in this week! I'm probably gonna work Monday and Tuesday too. Which would put me at a 7 day work week and there's no telling what the week after will look like. We get our schedules every Wednesday, not every month... I wonder if I'll get double time next week... On the plus side, supposedly, today was the last day of NBA Live 2004!!! YAY. Which means these next 8+ days either the last part of SSX3 or... LORD OF THE RINGS, YAY! Then again March Madness is supposed to be coming in soon, and I BETTER NOT be stuck on that, or I don't know who I'm gonna hurt! I can't wait until SSX and C&C:G - ZH Come out. Man when I leave EA I'm gonna have a stack of games... As we say at EA (or at least I do), EA pays us, and we just give 'em back the money.

Has anyone noticed the BRAND NEW Ikea sign in PA from the freeway? How sad, the ''K'' light is already out. I still haven't been to an Ikea, but I'll probably stray far away from it for a few months, and then again maybe until after christmas too.

Ah sleep time, so I can wake up tomorrow and to the same thing over again. AH precious sleep.
Bitching by Adam @ 11:53 PM PST

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On Monday, September 29th @ 10:16 PM PST, pam said:
didn't you get your bed from ikea?
On Tuesday, September 30th @ 12:14 AM PST, Adam said:
No, didn't you read. "I still haven't been to an Ikea"... Damnit, they fixed the light recently...