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10/14/2003: "Hockey Sunday"

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Ok, so, I'm late again, deal with it HA. Yesterday, was my day off and today I had to deal with some food poisoning. No, we didn't get drunk last night and I'm calling it food poisoning. But, we still aren't sure which of the food was bad.

Anyway, after a period of nothing and a lot of hard work we managed to pull this one off. At first I was sorry for the girl on the other team when Joey straight crosschecked her, however, I lost that feeling when I got the puck in the corner and I cut hard to the goal and she clipped my skates under me and I flew into the boards pretty hard. Damn, another game no points, what am I to do? Work harder next week! Cya then.
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On Monday, October 20th @ 06:25 PM PST, shia said:
yo, about the food poisoning, my step-dad said there's a bug going round that was the same thing you guys had, so maybe you just all caught the bug from the same place.