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10/29/2003: "Hockey Saturday"

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Misfits 300335
The Force121426

Ok, so I got a little lazy, sue me. I had to work OT last night. Well, anyway, another game we let slip away. I know we worked hard in the first, but I don't know why this team took it away from us. They weren't better. We just got careless. I know Marshall messed up his groin in the first, so that hurt us as well. Hope you're better now Marshall. I had a few stupid chances up front the goal. I made a few nice moves from the boards to the goal, but lost it last second and didn't see Mike crashing the net and basically took what looked like a short pass from me to him back and lost a chance. Bah, I suck. I've been in a slump for a while. Time to get my ass back in the game!
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