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11/15/2003: "Magical 3s [Link]"

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A few weeks ago I went to a funeral for our family friend Al, this Thursday I went to my dad's Uncle Bill's. He was a great guy, and some of you might remember passing his house alot. He lived around the corner from me in the big 2.5 story house. We'll miss you Uncle Bill...

So, today my mom drop the news paper in front of me and says, ''Do you recognize these girls?'' I'm like, should I? I never actually met these girls, nor have I ever seen them around. So, I later found out that these girls were at my Uncle Bill's funeral. One give away was the white Isuzu. I recall just before leaving that people were asking who had the white Isuzu, 'cause they needed to move their car so someone could leave the restraunt parking lot. And I remember one of the girls in the picture there. Such a sad tragedy so young. Not that age really matters, at any age losing someone isn't good. I wonder if my Auntie Marian (sp?) went to their memorial service. If she knew, most likely.

I told Ray I was a little worried that since the 2 funerals I've been to, who was the 3rd? He instantly knew what I was talking about when I said they came in 3's. Oddly enough there were 2 in the car who passed on. So, was this actually 4? Or did this not count since they were not directly linked to me? In any case, it saddens me for all this loss in one point in time. My heart goes to everyone.
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