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11/25/2003: "No More Work, So, Now What?"

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Ah, as with most other things, all good things come to an end. My last day as a CQC Tester was this Friday 11/21. Kinda nice to sleep in now, but sucks that I'll have no income now. Ah, Friday, my little gettogether at Chilli's. And then the alcohol after at Anthony and Nini's. After my martini at Chili's, me and Anthony went through a whole Hennesy bottle, said, hey were ok, so we went to the closest store and picked up some Bombay Sapphire. We almost finished that bottle too. Damn I went through alot of alcohol on Friday.

Saturday, I woke up to find myself lying on the floor of their apartment with a BIIIIIG headache, which meant the previous night was a blast and I would hear about it (in a bad way) from moO later. Saturday I was supposed to go to Dim-Sum with Shia, Belle and some pals. But because of the bad hangover I accidentally slept through it. At about 2pm me, moO, Nini, and Anthony met up with them at the Snow Expo downtown, which was a big letdown 'cause I was expecting great deals on snowboards, but everything was basically still a price I couldn't spend my hard earned EA money with. So, alas, no snowboard gear for Adam yet. Hopefully soon, since the season is gonna pick up soon.

Well, EQ is dead for me, but I think I have a new poison: Final Fantasy 11. Man, I have so many games as it is. All I need is another MMORPG to corrupt my life. However, I think this one will be different. I may play this game in short burst, not in marathon leveling like in EQ... Games I have, but still need to play: NFS:UG, Midnight Club, NHL2004, Socom 2, FFX2, StarFox Adventures, Metroid Prime, Medal of Honor, Rising Sun, Rebel Strike, Mario Sunshine, SSX3, Kindom Hearts, LotR:RotK... Damn, I'm gonna be busy while being unemployed again...
Bitching by Adam @ 03:21 AM PST