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12/02/2003: "Hockey Sunday Score: 5-1 WIN Record: 7-2"

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TEAMS1st2nd3rdTOTALShots On Goal
Misfits 212535
Char Chiefs100119

Man, I had enought chances yesterday. I had the wheels to get to the puck, just not fast enough. I knew I forgot to do something, I got a new Synergy but I forgot to sharpen my skates. Stupid slump. Man I haven't gotten a point in like forever damnit. This season is crap for me, last was SO much better. I feel I'm not pulling my weight on the team. Sucks. Too bad there's no more Hockey Workout for me to hang out anymore. I would so live there now that I'm unemployed again. One of our nice shifts we were completely in their zone basically faceoff after face off in their zone, shot after shot, it was nice. 'Grats to Joe H. for the Hat Trick last night with 2, yes 2, short handed goals. Keep up this pace guys, and we'll have a breeze in the finals.
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