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12/14/2003: "Hockey Saturday Score: 2-4 Loss Record: 8-3"

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TEAMS1st2nd3rdTOTALShots On Goal
Misfits 011214
U.S. eh112436

Ah man, thus ends a great 5 game winning streak. It's a good thing it wasn't to a crap team, but to a team who was lower in the standings only to us. We were down a couple people, which is no excuse for this loss. What IS a good excuse is that they just played better than us. They out shot us, skated faster, made better passes. I for one felt really tired during the game, early in the first period I was checked pretty hard with no penalty called. After that, I couldn't move very well. I managed to mess up the same elbow again. ANNNND the slump continues, maybe I gotta take some time off from hockey or something. Cause I'm not doing any better. Stupid Hockey Workout. I received a great pass from "D" Brian cross the net a good foot open for a shot right to my stick, I pull the trigger and shot goes widea good 3-4 inches. Better luck next week, I better score and we better WIN!!!
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