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01/05/2004: "New Year's Ski Trip Recap"

Archived Entry:
You're probably wondering, WTF has Adam gone to? Probably not, but if your answer was 'yes', let me recap. Last week me and the buds and some newish ones made our way to the slopes up at North Lake Tahoe. moO, Jesse, Shia and I stopped in Davis to pick up Belle and Char and made our way to Heavenly for some quick skiing before going to the timeshare. Belle was already starting to get sick so she and Jesse stayed in the lodge. Up there we met up with Evan and grabbed our boards and hit the powder. Wheee... Shortly after leaving Heavenly, Evan took the long way home to the L.A. area, crazy, man...

Unfortunately, after we reached our timeshare the sickiness spread. Jesse, Shia and moO all got sick some longer than others. This weird epidemic got so bad, Shia took Belle to the hospital. Only a kidney infection. I say 'only' because doctors are stupid and it turned out to be something like pneumonia or something like that. She's better now, that's cool. I think everyone is now, for the most part.

The 29th while Belle was resting up at the timeshare, we picked up Jesse and Shia's friend, Ashley, and went to Reno. While there we met up with Hassan, for some gambling. Since I've never been gambling I felt a little reluctant about putting any money out. But I figured, I'm on 'vacation'... (from what I don't know) and decided a simple $20 loss wouldn't be so bad. I handed moO the last $11 in cash I had left and we all played at a Pai Gao table at Cal-Neva (except for Jesse and Ashley, Jesse took her went to see a movie 'cause she was under age, heh.). Pai Gao seems like an easy game. I totally didn't notice the $5 minimum, but I just played anyway. In the end I came up with and extra $25, moO came out with $30 something, Char and Shia were down a little, and Hassan the big winner with $70 something. After the Pai Gao table we went wandering the casinos looking for a happening craps table. After we found one, I just watched, and lucky so, 'cause Shia lost more and Hasan lost about half of what he was up with in what seemed like seconds. It wasn't 'cause we were there for a while. But the game is SO fast paced time flew. It's so fast I don't think I can follow all that. I'll just stick to Pai Gao, heh. Oh yeah, I can't forget about the pizza and beer. Yes, Adam doesn't drink beer. So, I gave it to moO to drink. But, I kept sipping on it reminding me why I don't like beer.

On the 30th, Paris, Jen, Lil, and Chrissie met up with us to spend a night in the timeshare. I must say it was a challenge fitting 10 people in a 1 bedroom, 1 bath, 1 living space (total 2 "beds") timeshare. We managed somehow. The next morning we left the timeshare and drove to southshore where Belle made reservations for us all. On New Year's Eve Ernie and Mike came up for a visit. And WOW can Mike drink. I actually saw him make a screwdriver with a full glass of vodka and a splash of orange juice, crazy. Sadly, shortly after the ball dropped half of the party went to sleep.

On the way back home we stopped off in Davis to drop of most of the party and to get some long overdue food. We stopped over at Murder Burger or maybe it's Redrum Burger now, whatever. Anyway, I bought moO chicken strips and I got the 1 POUNDER. Yes, that's ONE POUND of beef in a bun, net weight I suppose. Imagine one of those Carl's Jr. $6 burgers, then thing $10. 2 halved buns, 2 big BIG beef patties, a bunch of shredded lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mayo, mustard, and bacon (the good kind, not the yucky fatty kind). Little did I know that both our meals came with fries, so we had 2 big things of fries I had to finish too. However, I managed to finish the HUGE burger, but left much of the fries. I did take it home and the fries disappeared quickly, but not by anyone in my family, but by the beached whale of a dog.

I'm not sure we did much the past week, but I know most of us had a good time, just hanging out with a bunch of cool people. Well, we all managed to survive (with a few sickies) a couple snow storms and lived to tell about it. Thanks for a great New Years ski trip, all... So, what did you do this New Years?
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