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01/30/2004: "Long time? Post Colorado & Ski Trip + Superbowl Sunday"

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I know it's been a while, I've long since been home. I got home from Colorado that Monday. I didn't get to see the Avs vs. Sharks game as the tickets were $145 each and I felt I couldn't spend that much money for tickets. I did, however, get to see alot of hockey, since my brother played in a tournament with the 16-under team. Supposedly, it's the first year together for most of the team, so the outcome was expected. But, I was hoping for a few more wins. They lost the first game, tied the next, and then lost the last two games. Oh, well, it wasn't his team. I honestly have to say that his line, him and two other guys from is main team, held the team up with 75% of the goals scored. Ha, we got to eat at the Hooters there. Good food, but weird shapes of chicken breasts. They were all curved, kinda funny looking. It's too bad I didn't get to go snowboarding, but it's ok 'cause I got to go snowboarding the following Friday.

Three days after coming home from Colorado nini, moO, Shia, and I piled up in the Accord and drove to Davis to stay and one of nini's ex-roomates so that we could wake up early the next morning and get straight to the slopes in South Lake Tahoe until Sunday. Up there we met up with a bunch of people, inc. nini's ex-roomate and her friend Levi and some of his Frat; Belle, Chrissie, Char, and Lil were up there too. Blah blah blah, I get alot of boarding in, but in the terrain park I go up a double platform for a nice ride, but I just nick it wrong and I manage to hit my site pretty hard against a corner of the upper level of the platform. I managed to get a pretty DARK bruise too. It got lighter recently, and I woulda taken a picture but Belle sad she didn't want to get grossed out and I got lazy, hence the late post. I'm still in pain right now, and am currently looking for Codine or Vicodine. Anyone selling? Short of actually going to the doctors... Hell, if it still hurts on monday, my Mom is gonna make me go to the doctors. Crap, it hurts when I sneeze, laugh, cough, even get up from laying down. DAMN THE PAIN!

SO... This Sunday, eh? I don't like watching football... Hockey anyone? No? How about 10 hours of Charmed? Any takers? No? Damn... I guess I stay home and watch Charmed by myself... Maybe I can catch up on my C&C, Socom 2, FF11 or even FFX2!
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