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02/14/2004: "Hockey Friday, Score: 0-1 WIN, Record: 11-4-2"

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TEAMS1st2nd3rdTOTALShots On Goal
Misfits 100134
Jets 2000018

Coming off the injured list right on time is a hard thing to do. Remember the snowboarding accident? It still lingers, but only because of my really sh*tty bed. So, anyway, despite the HUGE break (a month or so) I managed to not suck so bad and let my asthma take over.

First line (Marshall, Joe, and Byron) great as always. My like did REALLY well, but too bad weren't able to convert due to a WALL of a goalie! Oh did I forget to mention? Our usual goalie, Richard, was goalie for the other team. Imagine that. I dunno, but despite his loss today, I don't recall seeing him play so well. He managed to knock down 33 of 34 shots. I told our captain, Kelly, ''What, did they give him free beer or something?'' Do tell, Rich...

Well, two days until our next game. I hope we to as well as today if not better. Be well rested so we can beat The Force!
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