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02/16/2004: "Hockey Friday, Score: 9-5 WIN, Record: 12-4-2"

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Wow, we really pulled together and played as a well oiled machine yesterday. Of course we let it slip a little as we seem to always do, but luckly we had enough padding to keep our win. While missing a few players, we still managed strong lines.

Finishing the game with 3 points (1 goal and 2 assists), I am FINALLY over my scoreless streak. Now if ONLY I can continue this next week to go on a HOT streak.

'Grats to Richard D. for his 5 point game (Hat trick -1 PP Goal and 2 assists.) and 'grats to Richard C. for not losing this game for us like he did the Jets 2 on Friday, HAR. Great job all who attended. Let's continue this ass kicking next week.
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On Wednesday, February 18th @ 12:46 AM PST, Lindy said:
Yay! Hot streaking!! I'll have my camera ready!