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02/25/2004: "Dreamhost Upgrade"

Archived Entry:
Hrm... a few weeks ago I upgraded my plan to a cheaper (on sale) better plan. WTF am I gonna do with 1600 MG of disk space, 40GB of bandwith, a MySQL database, 2 VPN user access 15 hosted domains and 75 hosted subdomains?! WTF. Anyone wanna help me pay for my stupid plan and take some of my disk space and stuff. Stupid hosting... Great company though, that is until I started talking to people about how GREAT Dreamhost was. Then it was outtage here outtage there. Poo... But it's still WAYWAYWAY better than my other host with ZERO support. Email me if you or anyone you know is interested, we'll work something out.
Bitching by Adam @ 03:58 PM PST