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02/29/2004: "Hockey Sunday, Score: 2-3 Loss, Record: 13-5-2"

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And that ends our 5 game lossless streak and my 2 game point streak. Playing with a short bench, 11 and Jeff, might have hurt us a little, but it's no excuse. We've had less people before and came out on top. We played our best, no doubt. Too bad, today, it wasn't quite good enough.

I had two really good chances today, but ended up with nothing. The first one was a fast break to a break away with two D's behind me, I should have deked one more time 'cause when I took a shot it hit the side of his torso. The second, was a similar play but the 2 D's were in front of me, I tapped the puck infront of me at their blue line, I broke through them an the goalie went far out pas the crease and challenged me and I couldn't make it to the puck in time. Oh well maybe next time. To all who attended, shake it off, and give it your best next time.
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