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03/05/2004: "Mad Mad House"

Archived Entry:
Anyone else see that new reality show Mad Mad House on the sci-fi? I don't normally watch reality garbage, but for some reason this one caught my eye. God that was funny ASS drama the first episode. At the end, someone has to leave the house. In the event of a tie the winner of the ''game'' has to be the tie breaker. Well the guy ended up having to choose who went home. The funny thing is, he had to chose between the ''hot chick'' (who happened to be the token Asian chick) or the guy he told earlier in the show ''You know if it comes up in a tie, I got you, dog.'' (who happened to be the token black guy). AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH So, hot chick or 'bro'? What would you choose?
Bitching by Adam @ 08:37 PM PST