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03/14/2004: "Hockey Saturday, Score: 2-3 Loss, Record: 13-7-2"

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I'm at a loss for words. A few absent faces, a few familiar faces. Grats to Brad for coming off the injured list, too bad he's not eligible for playoffs. But I hope he'll join us next season. And WOW, Flynn came back! Well, we didn't do that great, but we didn't do all that bad. Me playing center or D again didn't help much. Enough playing around, guys, it's time to get serious. It's post-season and we really have to step it up. I, for one, will try to do my part and run. I know someone will be happy to hear that. Were most likely to play the Lynx, so look pretty for the cameras as we score the winning goal. Let's stay focused and keep our eye on the championship circle... cup, er.. thing? Whatever, let's win this season!

PS: Does anyone think THIS is ok? Anyone wanna be a Bertuzzi? Sorry, I just had to mention.

No penalty? Now, I have PROOF! Say bye-bye.

Ok, children. THIS was just uncalled for.
Bitching by Adam @ 12:27 AM PST

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On Monday, March 15th @ 08:10 AM PST, the one said:
haha! Too funy.