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03/16/2004: "Namco"

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Aw, shucks. I was passed up on a game tester position at Namco. I was kinda hoping to get it, but kinda not expecting anything since I don't have the greatest of luck. I'm starting to think there isn't much to look forward to. I have skills, but the longer I wait or do not utilize them, the less useful I become. Someone hire me so I don't become stupid. I wonder why they didn't want me. It's a game tester position, I know I don't have all that much experience in game testing. But, how much do you REALLY need? I've tested for 3 months, that should count for something. I have an eye for detail. Oh, well. Time to play with the progs Ray just dropped off for me, HA. Thanks, Ray.
Bitching by Adam @ 11:34 PM PST

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On Wednesday, March 17th @ 10:09 AM PST, Linnie said:
If I was really super religious, I'd tell ya, "God wants you to be else where. He's leading you a different way. Blah blah blah." But I'm not very religious in any religion---so all I gotta say is keep tryin' and you'll get something.
On Saturday, March 27th @ 06:57 PM PST, Adam said:
God must want me to be homeless then...