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04/16/2004: "Adam Is A Gardener/Painter"

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For the past two days, I've been at my Grand-Aunt's house (You know the big "3-story" spooky house?) around the corner to do some yardwork and painting. Yesterday, I trimed this big-big tree with hedge trimmers, moved a few small trees to their new location to get more sun, and clipped some vines. Took me 4 hours. Today, I was there for about 10 hours painting a room and a hallway. Ugh, I haven't been on my feet that long for like forever. You should see the hallway, it's primer pink. HA not like a baby pink, but like a really bright pink LOL. Tomorrow, I'll be a nice burgandy. Ugh, my feet REALLY hurt. Did I mention I got like 4 hours of sleep? I went to sleep at about 4am, got woken up by my sister's alarm (like every other morning) at 6 and it kept going ('cause she just sleeps through it), I wake up at about 9 'cause I get a phone call from a recruiter for a temp job (GL, yeah right?), and that's my morning, only to go "work" at 1PM. Did I also mention I didn't eat the whole day until like 8PM? Stupid "Friends" gyped me. I thought this week was gonna be the new episode. Insted I get the last 2 episodes. Damnit, I want a new one. What a waste of a week. NBC didn't even play a "Will and Grace." Well, gotta go to sleep, so I can wake up sometime tomrorrow.
Bitching by Adam @ 02:42 AM PST

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On Sunday, April 25th @ 12:33 AM PST, pam said:
yeah, i too am pissed that Friends has been reruns -- wtf cares?!? i mean, i already watch all of the reruns on channel 2 & 36 and have seen each episode AT LEAST 5 times. channel 2 keeps rerunning the same set of episodes too... plus the "favorite" episodes were kind of lame.

and those flashback episodes are cheating too!!! bastards!

did you also notice that they haven't shown mike AT ALL after the wedding? LAME!
On Sunday, April 25th @ 12:45 AM PST, Adam said:
Tell me about it, I have to cancel my Tivo Season Pass for Friends, cause I have so many already saved. and they show like 10 episodes a day on multiple channels. Not to mention I already have every episode on mpg/avi.