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04/17/2004: "Hockey Saturday, Preseason. Score: 7-4 WIN, Record 1-1"

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And that concludes our pre-season. This team we tied and lost twice to last season. I imagine they were missing most of their highschool kids. HAR. Either way we played hard and didn't let up.

I guess it didn't help that I ran out of maxair today and didn't get enought asthma meds. But, despite that I scored two goals. One was off of a rebound and kept my eye open for the easy goal. The second was a GREAT pass from Joe B. Maybe "great" was an understatement. I was on the ice for the last shift with a hopefull hat trick opportunity, but I was called for a roughing penalty along with the another guy from the other team. I was trying to get him away from me and he kept pushing me and we both get penalties. What a f'king lame wussy penalty. I shoulda made it worth it. This ref was a f'king moron. Not just this call, but he also called a two-line pass. Dumbass. They don't call two-line passes in this level. Idiot. Also, grats to Byron for being awarded with the har-trick. two powerplay goals AND a shorthanded goal. Grats to Rich for the empty net goal the last 7 seconds to finish the game. Well, it's the regular season, fellers. Let's win the championship this season.
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