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05/03/2004: "Hockey Sunday. Score: 5-6 Loss, Record 0-1"

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Misfits 311525

This being our second meeting of this season (first in the regular season) we knew what to expect. We knew this team wasn't a hard hitting team, but they got it done. However, today, I think we held our own against them, but they just got lucky and caught us sleeping a few times. These were new refs and I'm not sure they were calling everything that needed to be called. I know I was roughed up a few times, even a stick or two to the neck and head. With only 3 penalties a piece, not much was called. We fought hard, but sadly it wasn't enough.

I know I showed my A game today donning the new jersey (new to me). It's my brother's team's crest if anyone was wondering. Showing a little support for them. Maybe they can bring me a little luck since they're such an awesome team. Dunno if I should post this, but I will anyway. I'll paraphrase this. On the bench Joe tells me I'm his cousin's favorite player. Thanks, Joe. Hell, my family doesn't even enjoy watching me play. Crap, moO doesn't even like watching me play, she says it's boring watching me play. I think she's just comparing me to NHL players. pooh! Never do that.

So, I managed 2 goals. The first one was 2 on 1 with Byron. Don't worry, Byron, I saw you there, I also saw the guy going with us leaning towards him and the goalie going a little too. So, I took a shot and made it in. The second one was a GREAT pass by Mike, and totally threw the goalie off balance and left the goal wide open for me. I better finish this up someone is giving me the evil eye.
Bitching by Adam @ 12:09 AM PST

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On Monday, May 3rd @ 06:59 PM PST, moO said:
wait... is this the joe that's MY favorite player?? if so, i think that's kinda funny... =P
On Wednesday, May 5th @ 10:43 PM PST, RaYzoR said:
C'mon man! Lets see your A +++ GAME... go all OUT now that you can always grow new teeth, who cares! Catch the puck with your face if you have to! Heh... j/k =P
On Wednesday, May 5th @ 10:53 PM PST, Adam said:
you can grow new teeth? have I told you I'm not 10? har. I aready have half a fake tooth... too bad it ain't from hockey.