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05/11/2004: "Odd Real Estate Guy"

Archived Entry:
So, I'm at home and I get a ring at the door. Stupidly, I answer it. It's a door-to-door real estate guy. Our dialogue goes a little like this:

Guy: HI, your family looking to sell soon?
Me: Nope.
G: You think you're family would be needing real estate services soon?
M: Nope.
G: Has the family lived here long?
M: Yeah.
G: So, the schools do good for you?
M: Yup.
G: Ok, if you could just give these to the family (hands me papers and his card) in case you ever need real estate advice, thank you.

I'm thinking to myself. Um, ok. Schools ok for me? I'm sitting at home at 2PM and incidentally I was wearing my Velocity X Racing shirt which is now stained with oil spots and red paint, and jean shorts also stained with dirt/oil (I was outside cleaning my storage box for the Miata about to change the oil in the car), yes the schools did good for me... Not to mention my part of the conversation was monosyllabic... What an odd conversation.
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