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06/06/2004: "Hockey Sunday. Score: 3-0 WIN, Record 3-3"

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What seemed to be a very even game in the first two periods, ended up with us on top, very strong. With two great goals from Bryan, we pushed to the lead. I don't know how he did it, but somehow looked like he was totally going to topple over when he cut to the right really sharp, but maintained that edge. Must be those ''throw away blades'' he's got! Someone's gotta tell Bryan not to change his number so much, they might not award him the goals on their website. But, I will... So grats to Bryan and grats to Jeff for a great shutout. Hell, grats everyone who played, we all played hard and kept them on their toes all throughout the game. Good job guys, that's 3 in a row, keep it coming! Looking at the sched, we have alot of ''early'' games. Next week is the worst, at 12:15 I don't welcome that time. Be there, we have to trample the Lynx and their cool cheer, on TAPE no less!
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