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06/09/2004: "EA Tester, pt. 2"

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WOOOHOOOOO, I have another job. Albeit temp, but still income! YAY! Yes, I'm a tester again, but this time just a reg tester not a CQC tester, although I could probably join that group again. Here, I'll stay on one game the duration of my stay with the option of moving to a new project. Hell, maybe I can move to CQC if I can't get to another project. Maybe not, I never got an email back from one of the bosses, when I just said hi again HA. Well, I hope my stay at EA can last a while, Maybe to the end of the year at least.
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On Saturday, June 12th @ 03:25 PM PST, areez said:
Hey! i almost forgot about your blog. i guess it's been over 2 years since i came here. So how you been? still living at san jose?