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06/27/2004: "Hockey Saturday. Score: 4-3 WIN, Record 4-4"

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TEAMS1st2nd3rdTOTALShots On Goal
Misfits 211427

What a game! I think we dominated them the whole game, or at least the 59 minutes we had a shut out. Yes, I sh*t you not. We somehow let 3 goals in the net in the last minute. 0:46, 0:44, and 0:04. You couldn't have at least stopped the puck the last 4 seconds of the game so I could have the winning goal? HA j/k We played really well with 2 full lines. Dan led us off early in the first period (15:01 left) with a shorthanded goal. Byron scores from a pass from JoeH. That guy Adam scores one on a breakaway from the bench after a penalty expires. Near the beginning of the 3rd Russ takes a shot from Downtown and scores. (hrm, maybe they only use "downtown" in basketball. oh well, I'm using it in hockey today). I think this was a very well played game. Especially since we just played the #1 team and WAS undefeated. Bah, don't let them tell you all there GOOD players were absent. HA whatever. Great game guys. Way to show the #1 team it isn't over yet.
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