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07/03/2004: "Interesting Get-Together"

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Today, my family (minus one) went to our family friends house for dinner, funny thing their name is Wong too ha, and when we get there they ask me "Who's your friend?" do a double take, and realize it's my brother. HA. I look more or less as I did the last time I saw them, which couldn't have been more than, maybe, four years? I guess my brother has grown a lot since the last time they seen him too. A little oddity in my day.
Bitching by Adam @ 11:53 PM PST

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On Sunday, July 4th @ 12:23 AM PST, Shia said:
In one of my classes I have about 45 Chinese students.There are 2Gao, 5 Long, 4 Peng, 4 Shi, 2 Tian, 2 Wu, 3 Yang, and 6 Zhang. In another class of almost 50 there are 2 Li, 2 Wang, 5 Wu, 4 Xiang, 2 Xiong, 4 Yang, and 7 Zhang. In this class alone there are 2 Zhang Liping and 2 Zhang Juanlian.
Tell your people to please get some more names.
On Sunday, July 4th @ 01:20 AM PST, Adam said:
My people? Crap, you're probably more Chinese than I am. At least YOU'VE been there. I might as well change my name to Smith (or the like).
On Sunday, July 4th @ 05:45 AM PST, Shia said:
I dunno. I've been here 5 months now and still can barely speak **** in Chinese.
On Monday, July 12th @ 12:00 AM PST, pam said:
you kind of run out of names when you're a population of a gajillion...
On Monday, July 12th @ 12:14 AM PST, Adam said:
I don't think "gajillion" is a word.
On Monday, July 12th @ 10:49 PM PST, Linnie said:
there is a reason for the few names. i dunno what it is for other cultures, but i know for moi, Hmong people had clans and when we came to the US, our clan names just became our last names.
On Friday, July 16th @ 07:49 AM PST, Shia said:
in china the hmong are called the miao. i'm currently surrounded by 'em
On Sunday, July 18th @ 10:55 PM PST, moO said:
kitties?? =P
On Sunday, July 18th @ 11:00 PM PST, Adam said:
For info sake. Chinese mao = cat like the sound mao, they say mao we say meow. Silly Chinese people... Damn, I hate Pin-Ying.