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07/24/2004: "Hockey Saturday. Score: 2-5 WIN, Record 6-6"

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What seemed like a loss in the first period, turned out with us on top. We never stopped fighting (figuratively... and I guess a little literally) and kept on going, even despite the crappy new (?) refs that didn't call much at first, and when they did it was on us. So our 3 game week has come to an end. Nice end with a win. Grats to Byron with the game winning & PP Goal and a 3 point game (2g1a). Grats to Richard for getting his name all over the score sheet with 3 points of his own (1g2a) as well as some nice penalties HAR (3). I think in the second period, Kelly went out with a shoulder injury. We wish him a speedy recovery. Like by next week... Great game all. Continue this trend next week. Can it be a trend with one game? Yeah, whatever.
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On Sunday, July 25th @ 06:10 PM PST, moO said:
This has nothing to do with your hockey scores... rather, with your movie ratings... So Close does NOT rank with the likes of S.W.A.T., The Recruit, or LOTR!
On Sunday, July 25th @ 06:12 PM PST, Adam said:
Then it doesn't belong on this thread.
On Saturday, July 31st @ 02:54 PM PST, moO said:
**** you. how rude.