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11/09/2004: "Hockey Saturday, Score: 10-3 WIN, Record: 6-0-1"

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TEAMS1st2nd3rdTOTALShots On Goal
Misfits 4511036
Usual Suspects102333

Damn, keep forgetting too busy at work, coming down to the end of the project, this WILL be the last week of the game, unless it fails CQC. I'm hoping not. Anyway, hockey. It was nice to see the whole team again (if not, then MOST). Had a nice full bench for a change. Also nice to grab another win for a great start of a season. I don't remember much so I'll just ''grats'' people. Grats to Russ for a hat-trick. Grats to JoeH for a 4pt game (1g 3a). Grats to Byron for his 3pt game (2g 1a). Keep up the hard work. We got an odd placed game this Sunday at 11:15PM. Sunday night, NIGHT. 11:15... PM, PM Ugh. I gotta call in sick on Monday, ha. j/k.
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