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12/21/2004: "Hockey Monday, Score: 6-9 Loss, Record: 8-3-1"

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Why is it that whenever I drive myself, I get hurt? And when I have someone drive me I don't... I start out in the locker room tieing my skates up and I see my laces have turned red. I think to myself, ''Oh, interesting, the paint off the skate came off.'' Then I realize there's not that much red on the skate. So, I look around and I have light patches of blood on parts of hands. It took me forever to find where it was coming from, I narrowed it down to an intex finger on my left hand. I still dunno how I got it... Second, during the game I get checked from behind and high, and I bite my lip, I'm bleeding for a while... Third, forechecking I put too much speed on and run into the boards. Dang, I suck... Not a fun time...

Back to the game. As you can see by the scores they won. Sure, they did, but we did NOT give up without a good fight. For a time we were tied 5-5, but they managed to pull away. I blame the short bench. It's ok, we did great.

I'd like to thank Ken for coming out and sub for us. He helped us out lots. He was all over the scoresheet. I forget what (or who's) kind of Hat Trick this is (the so-and-so hat trick or whatever), but he got a goal, assist (2), and a penalty. Good game, Ken.

Speaking of Hat Tricks, a long overdue Hat Trick has been awarded to, yes, ME. I've been in the league for too long without a hat trick and today it was all mine. Go me. (3g 1a)

Also, grats to Byron also with a 4pt game (2g 2a), and a shorthanded goal.

Alas, he had to say goodbye to another player. Jeff our goalie (of all people, LOL) are leaving the team as a permanent player. Good luck in the Culinary Academy, you lucky bastard.

All in all, I think we had a great game, we played hard, gave Jeff a remember us present for his last game (50 shots?!), we maybe made too many mistakes and let too much slide (guilty), and now we'll just have to get them back later in the season or playoffs where it really matters. I hope to have a better turn out next game. Which is next year!!! Have a good break all...

PS: CRAP, how the f*ck did I forget to write up last game!? Yeah, we won. YAY. Let's see if I can dig up the score sheet somewhere...
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