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12/24/2004: "XBOX Mods [Links]"

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I don't know if anyone knows this, but I finally got an XBOX. Despite being anti-MS, but not so much not to own a windows based PC, I had decided it was the best console on the market. But now, being who I am, it's time to turn it from stock to "rice" LOL. I was looking for all types of LEDs and other type of color mods and gadgets. And, although these aren't mods for the xbox, in my quest to find mods I came across a few odd things... Instead of writing about it, I'll just let the web pages and pictures to all of the talking.

Link to ThinkGeek.com
Link to Mini-ITX.com
I secretly kinda want one of these... LOL

Bitching by Adam @ 03:35 PM PST

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On Friday, December 24th @ 08:57 PM PST, RaYzoR said:
WHatup! Merry Xmas eve man! Glad to hear ya got your xbox. Now 100% of your EA checks will go back into EA getting xbox games that you never open! haha

Have a good one!
On Friday, December 24th @ 11:24 PM PST, linnie said:
ah... interesting. um.. Merry Christmas!