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01/18/2005: "Hockey Monday, Score: 5-0 WIN, Record: 9-4-1"

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I must admit, my weblog is very abridged. If I said half the things that go on in my life/mind I'd have a lot of people mad at me or would have been fired (can't give out info) or what not. Ok, that's a lie, my life is so boring this seems very un-abridged... ...Anyway, keep the abridged fact in mind when you realize I omit certain things...

In any case, one of the most horrific things happened in hockey last night. One of our teammates was hurt badly in the first period (3 minutes left). I wouldn't like to get into details, as I have to keep from scaring people away from my blog. Seems that Mark was skating pretty fast into the corner, I don't know if it was to get the puck before making it an icing call or what, but hit the boards pretty hard. (something I used to do a lot, but have toned it down A LOT and probably will more after this). My mom has told me recently I NEED recently; yeah, that's no joke...

Anyway, we won. They cut the game down, a lot. (time in min.: 17/20/3) Instead of grats today, I'll just wish Mark a speedy recovery and I hope anyone reading this (yes you; even if you read this every day, passing by, on the team, not on the team, concerned citizen) wishes him the best too.

On a very, very side note... I'd really like to complain about the damn scheduling at the Logitech Ice center. Not only are the Monday night games getting old, we aren't getting any good Friday or Saturday times. To add to that, I didn't even know one of the team's names. Why? Because we haven't played them all season. It's been 16 games (inc. preseason) and we still have a game before we play them. How stupid is that?
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