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02/23/2005: "Hockey Saturday, Score: 1-5 Loss, Record: 9-6-1"

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Ha so long ago, too lazy and tired to post, let alone do today's post... Damn we got stomped on. I'm not sure what it was. I know we have a little restructuring to do. We picked up a new FT goalie from my brother's team. I'm sure it'll work out nicely. Dispite a nice crowd that day, we just didn't out perform the opposition. Must be the stupid every other week schedule we have going. So, lame. This team was out to just be cheap. However, we wouldn't let them. Unfortunetly it ended up with 12 lines of penalties for us and 8 penalties for them, as well as two 2-game suspensions for us and one for them. I managed to pick up 3 mintues myself, ultra lame. This is our first and only (so far) game against these guys. But, I'm feeling a grudge match in the near future.
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