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04/05/2005: "Adam's New PSP [Link] [Pics]"

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Yes, that IS a PSP with the Star Wars Episode 3 trailer
Yes, that IS Anakin Skywalker in the SW E3 Trailer on the PSP!

Adam's new TOY!!! Wheeeeeeeee... It's sooooo purdy!!! Can't wait until more stuff is out.

I think it's hella funny how much advertising is out there for the PSP considering how hard it is to find one. I know, they're just creating hype; just like when the PS2 came out, as well as the PS2 network adapter. It's still a neat little contraption... Too bad, now, I have to sell all my stuff to pay for it. sad Now all I need is a 1 GB Memory Stick Duo and I'm all set. (You can watch full DVDs compressed on a memory stick!)

PSP Browser
Proof you CAN use your PSP as a web broswer.

Bitching by Adam @ 10:10 PM PST