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04/10/2005: "Work = teH Suck! No More Email [FLAME]"

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So they've gone and done it. angry, grr They're actually going to take away outside communication through email. Sometimes I wonder why they want to treat their temps like they're not human beings. Sure it's trust, but if you don't trust us, don't hire us. Testers must NOT be an important part of the video game business... I don't see devs doing all the testing of their product...

They've basically taken away everything. No internet, no AIM, you can't install progs without admin access (So, no games on the computer even at lunch and no PowerDVD... luckly I have to have admin access), no cell phones, no PDAs, no PSPs!!!, they're thinkning of not letting you bring in your own systems too, NOW no outside email! (someone tell me if I missed anything...) Pretty soon they'll be taking away all outgoing email including to internal, all you can get is incoming email from your leads or something. I heard a rumor they'll be taking away the air on the test floor too. Yup, no air, you have to go to another floor, take a deep breath then go back to work.

I have taken steps to make people available on my AIM Mobile List on my primary ''payntball'' AIM SN. If you don't know what it is, or if can't see me, tell me. You can also email me at phone@mydomain.com. I'll shut it off or change it if I get too many idiots IMing me out of nowhere.

Bottom line, TESTERS ARE SCUM. angry, grr

NOTE: Incase you THINK about flaming me, don't bother, I've heard it all and will delete any flames I feel like. Don't think for a minute that just because I TEST video games all day, that it's all fun and games. Remember this is a business, a business to make money. It's still a job and just think about putting one paper from one pile to another (almost too real of an analogy) for 10+ hours, every day, SIX days a week, you don't eat, you don't sleep (because as soon as you leave work it seems like you have to go back), have it ruin your relationship with everyone; then tell me, ''Oh, you play video games all day, stop bitching.'' Sure, I finally have income, that I don't take for granted. However, it's still a job, a stressfull one at that. So don't judge if you truly don't know my situation. (A reoccuring flame in comments in my blog)
Bitching by Adam @ 04:21 PM PST

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On Friday, April 15th @ 10:18 AM PST, EA said:
Hi, EA here. Didn't you realise you joined the evil empire. I mean, come on, we don't exactly make it a secret now...yes, try to go somewhere else and test their video games. We will only buy you up, and soon you will be back in our grasp. HAHAHA oh wait...it's bwahahahaa
On Friday, April 15th @ 04:33 PM PST, Adam said:
As I read this, I'm on a break in the game room and actually almost made me laugh out loud... So true...