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06/28/2005: "Bad Day"

Archived Entry:
Adam is having such a friggen bad day. Yeah yeah, could be worse, stop crying. Anyway, so, I'm riding the motorcycle to Home Depot cause I need to buy a new belt sander to sand the floors of my new room (ask me about this sometime), and I decide to make a stop at Carl's Jr. to FINALLY try one of those breakfast burger. It was exactly 10:30 when I got there and I sat at the register for a few minutes ' cause no one was there. But I managed to get one.

Anyway, as I pull out to go to Home Depot my bike stalls (I didn't warm up the bike completely before taking off from my house). I keep trying to start the bike, only to kill the battery. Stupid me, I forget to bring my phone, so I'm stranded without transportation, without numbers (Yes, I don't have a good memory when it comes to numbers, why should I my phone does it all), and it's already getting hot at about 11AM with my leather motorcycle jacket and helmet.

So, I start walking home, and then turn around again and decide to just go to Home Depot and get what I came for. So I buy the stuff and go back to my bike to see if I could miraculously start my bike. You know if you sit long enough maybe there'll be enough juice to start the engine? No dice, it's dead dead... clickclickclick. Never a sound you want to hear.

So I dial 411 and find out that it is no longer free. I have no change so I go back into Carl's and get change. I call up my mom and she comes to help me, only to find that I need a 12mm socket wrench to take the seat off to get to the battery. so she just takes me home. I pick up the Mini and go back to the bike and get the battery. I take it home and charge it for about an hour, go back and install it, and drive the bike home. So, here I am at home, bike is here, Mini is at Carl's. I'm just waiting a little while before I have to go out and run in the hot sun to retrieve the Mini.

/sigh I could use some good news or whatnot right about now...
Bitching by Adam @ 02:46 PM PST