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07/05/2005: "Alpinestars 2 Piece Riding Suit. [Link] [EDIT]"

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OMG you know you wanna buy me this! New Riding Suit Closeout! /cry crying

Edit 6/7/05 09:00AM Damn, I changed my mind. I want this one instead. And it isn't even on clearance. I guess I go to the store and try it on!
Bitching by Adam @ 06:41 PM PST

Replies: 2 People Bitched

On Sunday, July 17th @ 09:28 PM PST, LPVW said:
UHM, NO...
On Sunday, July 17th @ 09:34 PM PST, Adam said:
Apparently, my mom has nothing better to do... Luckly, I don't fit any of them. So, $600 custom leather pants will have to do.