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08/31/2005: "Dave & Busters Ticket Games"

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So, I went to my favoritest place for a little gaming with Belle on Sunday. Most of the time I play ticket games, you know, where you win tickets. (I don't know why either, the amount I spend on tickets I could have bought the item if I were to trade in the tickets)But, holy crap. you can win a POCKET BIKE!!! Too bad its for like 60k tickets. =( I know I don't have the MOST tickets out of anyone, but I do have around 20k saved up, I'd have to say thats pretty impressive considering I'm poor HA! Not to mention a Gold Card, heh.

So anyway, I'm over by the ticket counter, playing a game called Casino Nights. Basically, it's a coin game where you drop a coin in and there's two platforms of coins, one on top moves forward and back, and the lower is static and you have to knock down the coins off the ledge to get tickets. The "Special" in this one is a die, moving back and forth in between the drop points and the top ledge, this is protecting a small "cup" that when you get 10 coins in, it drops all 10 coins to the top ledge making a "splash." creating better odds of dropping more coins to the lower level. So, I get my 10 (or so) in the "cup" and the mechanical plastic starts to move, I see weird stuff happening and plastic bending, and I think nothing of it. Then, the big "cup" think jumps a tad then falls right onto the trays of coins. Yes, Adam broke the game. So after maybe 10 minutes or so of the employee throwing coins down off the ledge, I get a ton of tickets. Who am I to argue. Oh, don't play that game at the Milpitas DnB. The center sensors don't work 100% of the time anyway HA.

This is what it's SUPPOSED to look like

This is what happened

P.S.: These pics were taken with my Treo 600, cellphone/palmPDA. Not bad, eh?
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On Monday, September 12th @ 05:09 PM PST, Linnie said:
Sounds like a lot of fun. I didn't know you played a lot of ticket games.