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10/28/2005: "2005 Birthday/Xmas Gift Ideas"

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Hard time finding what to get Adam for his birthday or Christmas; or maybe even Chanukah ...or Hanukkah? Well, look no further because I can help you! Check out my Amazon List. But, if you buy anything from amazon use THIS LINK instead.

I would really like a Stoormtrooper helmet or the whole set! Another good eBay item: Graflex 3-cell camera part would be nice!

Nothing there? Just about anything from Master Replicas is nice. Well, not the scale mini lightsabers. I'd rather have a full size =).

NEW Something I'd want RIGHT AWAY, since it's gonna be cold soon, from my favorite Bay Area store Too bad they're all the way in Redwood City LOL... Or this long sleeve shirt It's probably better to just drive down there rather than ship it. Warning, it's not open on Sunday. Oh, probably LARGE would be best bet.

More... Click [Link] below.

Hrm, I don't know how, but I managed to forget to put on the XBOX360 and PS3 on my lists LOL...

HOLY CRAP They finally made a Star Wars hockey jersey!!!

LOL, I might think something like this would be nice... Oooo or maybe the ones from Sharper Image! =)

Speaking of which, I just found a life size Yoda! Copy the link and add another underscore _ next to the other underscore. GM doesn't like it. Same with the next link. The always hard to find Lightsaber is ALWAYS on my wishlist.

For all my hockey needs: I need a New Bag 38 Blue Wheel. I also need a new chest protector Medium Senior (I think). While you're there buy a BUNCH of pucks. I'd also like a new helmet, I've had mine forever. I don't know the size, but I know I'd like either a half shield or at least a clear cage instead of the metal cage.

Have I mentioned how much I want a lightsaber, or just a hilt?

Outpost/Frys is Adam's mall. What's better than elecronics? 1gb MSDP for the PSP, and 1gb SD for the Treo/Elph. I've been wanting NEW LCD TV for a while now. But thinking of saving for something larger, I'm thinking in the range of 30". You know so I can watch Episode 3 on a huge screen! I've seen in Fry's ads for a 32" for the same price. /cry! My TV went out again today. 11/22 It goes out at least once a week. I have to slam it with my palm a few times pretty hard to get it to work.

LOL an awesome bike cover! Probably not worth putting on the bike I currently have, but a great idea for a product.

Have I mentioned how much I'd like STAR WARS STUFF? Pretty much anything Star Wars. However, I'd prefer Imperial/Dark/Sith Stuff. Don't know what I'm talking about? If you've ever seen my room, all I have are evil Star Wars stuff. It's better than the goody-goody Rebel crap HAR. Off the top of my head, stuff I already have, Lego AT-AT, Lego Lambda Shuttle, Lego Tie, Lego Anakin's JSF, Classic AT-ST. Still waiting for the day I have the Lego Death Star and Imperial Star Destroyer. Sounds more like a Lego post, but I'd like non-Lego Imperial stuff too.

Something else to get: Final Fantasy: Advent Children

More when I think of it.
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On Tuesday, November 1st @ 03:00 PM PST, Linnie said:
What if someone was broke and just made you a card out of construction paper? Would you just throw it away?
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On Tuesday, December 6th @ 06:41 AM PST, linnie said:
sorry, i'm late, but happy birthday!
On Sunday, December 11th @ 06:13 PM PST, Scotty said:
hey fool, what the hell have you been up to these days, hit me back eh?!
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hey fool, what the hell have you been up to these days, hit me back eh?!