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01/17/2006: "So Close [Link]"

Archived Extended Entry:
ARG, I watched So Close a few nights ago, (My Aunt gave it to me for xmas, she's smart it was on my Amazon wishlist.) I knew it was a good movie which is why I wanted it so bad. But I think I just got pissed off at the TV because I realized why I hated the movie so much. Ok, not the movie, I loved the movie (except the end, but whatever), but I HATE the audio tracks!!! It really bugs me when there are multiple languages in movies but the dubbing only uses one language or another. What bugs me further is they, for whatever reason, kept the english tracks with the ''foreign'' language (I suppose it's native, whatever). One step further? There's both Cantonese AND Mandarin audio tracks. So, why can't I watch the movie in the movie's original language track. It may be a little confusing, but I don't care, I usually like listening to the actors' voices. Although dubbing Shu Qi may be ok sometimes, har... she's a bit whiney sometimes, sorry.

So, what is Adam bitching about now? OK, here's the whole story: Shu Qi and Zhao Wei both are native Mandarin speakers (although I know Shu Qi can speak Cantonese, Gorgeous), Karen Mok is a native Cantonese speaker, I know there's a few Japanese and English speaking parts thrown in (including an actor who also starred in a Jet Li film, Yasuaki Kurata in Fist of Legend, which I have ONLY found in English. But, that's a different bitching). So why must I listen to an all Cantonese, or all Mandarin (All English and French too) Audio track. How about a track with the original languages? I don't think it's THAT hard... Sure I speak only English, with a below 1st grader's level of Cantonese (If that), but I'd still like to have that option. Hrm maybe I can hack the DVD and reburn it to have the correct tracks, ugh, now THAT seems like a pain in the ass.

On a side note, look for a list of Adam's Pet Peeves, so I can look like more of a bitter jerk. LOL.
Bitching by Adam @ 11:02 PM PST