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02/22/2006: "Breads and Danishes [Pics]"

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I decided to take a break from failing to research my stupid Danish pastry paper, more rants on that later... So, below is my Swedish Limpa Rye that I made yesterday. I'm not a huge fan of rye, but it sure does smell good.

Below is my San Francisco Sourdough Bread made from a starter dough that was made last Thursday, I think. I believe there's a crazy sour in SF that's like a hundred years old. Yuck! or YUM rather, ha! So, notice the cool slice patterns below. I rock! LOL

Below is Stacy's crazy Sunburst Braid. I won't reveal exactly how its done, because it's crazy uber. But, it is made more or less the same way as my other braids only slightly more complicated. Gotta love the ball in the middle. Reminde me of a knot I learned in boy scouts. I forget how it's done but if I recall correctly we called it a Monkey's Fist. NOTE: I did NOT make the below product, I'm just showing how crazy it is.

So, back to my rants. =P This section's paper is on danishes of different European countries and any time I use a search engine like Google or Yahoo! I get the whole scandal with the Islamic satirical comic and that whole related story. I've been completely unsuccessful in finding the right keyword(s) to yield the correct results. I've checked several printed books, including my text, to no avail. I guess I shouldn't complain. My brother had to learn Excel for one of his classes. LOL

Today, there was a job fair and such at school. One of the seminars was a resume/interview workshop and somehow we got on the topic of the FIVE taste sense. Yes, five. When discussed in the classroom what those 5 were (salty, sour, sweet, bitter, and umami) Robert and I misheard something in the last one and it sounded more like it started with a ''P'' and changed a few letters in it. I'll let your imagination figure it out.
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