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03/31/2006: "Plating and TV Crew [Pics]"

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Today a camera crew came to film the school. So, I may be on TV soon! I'll post when it's on. No, it's not a feature on me, at least not yet. I'm sure I'll have my own show soon =). Today, we started plating desserts. Not a single fingerprint can be on the plate, and it MUST look perfect. This'll be interesting, since everyone knows Adam is not a neat and clean guy. LOL

Here are my first attempts at plating desserts. The sauce was sitting around the kitchen so it warmed up, and that's why the circles ran together. So, this is a Chocolate Mousse in a Florentina Cup with Cocoa Nibs, caramel sauce, mango slices and mint. I know the flavors are all over the place, but damn, ain't it sexy?

Above is a Brandy Bread and Butter Pudding with brandy-flavored whipped cream, a Vanilla Tuile Paste Cookie Tumbleweed, and raspberry sauce. I'm not a huge fan of bread pudding, I really like buttered toast though. So I gave this thing a try and it is quite tasty. Plus, you can't go wrong with some alcohol in your pastry. =) Enjoy!
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