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04/04/2006: "Crème Brûlée [Pic]"

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Here's an example of a dessert I've done many times. Crème Brûlée is a dessert that is hard to mess up, but hard to make look just perfect. I don't think I got the sugar caramelized as much as I would have hoped, but that's ok, it still looks great, ignore the doily LOL. On top is a berry medly and an isomalt bubble sugar decoration. Funny story, I went into Sur La Table and asked for isomalt, everyone looked at me funny. Ok, so maybe not so much a funny story, rather than A story. I guess the funny thing is that they have almost EVERTHING else I'd need for my kitchen. And I give you my attempt at a 5* Crème Brûlée...

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