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05/05/2006: "Friday Cakes [Pics]"

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Yes, more cakes. Where to start?...

Below is some kinda dobos layer cake, with layers of dobos, chocolate butter cream, and a caramel top.

Below is the Sweedish Chocolate Cake. I was absent for this cake so there isn't much I can tell you about this cake. But it's damn good. I will be making this for one of my final projects.

This one is a Lemon Honey Cake with raspberries and Italian meringue. Lots of people like this one because it's hard to mess up so it's really moist and stays moist.

This is the Swiss Kirsch Cake, which has kirschwasserin it. It's like a cherry liqueur, brandy to be specific. Take a Japonaise meringue, add a chiffon sponge, add a crap load of red colored kirshwasser flavored buttercream and you get the Swiss Kirsch Cake. This is topped with a short dough cookie with marzipan cherries and piped chocolate stems.

A funny little story about the Boston cream pie. It's not a pie, but a cake.

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