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06/02/2006: "Wedding Cakes [Links] [Pics]"

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I'm sorry, I've been really MIA... I've been a little busy to do... anything. The final in this section was a 3 tier wedding cake. Some actually consider the wedding cake our REAL final, but we have a comprehensive final the last week or something at the end. However, it did feel like a real final. We had a total of 4 days to design, build, finish a wedding cake. I have to say, it was HIGH stress project. How high stress? I'm not sure how to explain it. Well for me at least, I was stressing on my poor time management skills. moO can back me with this one... However, we were allowed to spend time in the classroom afterhours. How many hours? Well, here was my schedule: Mon: off (Memorial Day, LOL), Tue: 7AM-6PM, Wed: 6AM-5PM, Thur: 7AM-10PM, Fri: 7AM-1PM. No, I'm not lying. Yes, I do hurt, LOL. I should get used to crappy hours and a lot of standing... Suck it up, Adam. You're not in tech + computers anymore...

Pictures do NOT do my cake justice. One should really go see it in person at the school... My school, PCI, is located at 700 West Hamilton Avenue, Suite 300, Campbell, California 95008. It's in one of the display cases. Just go up the elevator to the 3rd floor and it'll be right there on the right corner. What are you looking at? GO!

I'll update this thread with pictures soon. In the meantime here are some pictures of cakes and cookies... Below are pictures of a Raspberry Cake and an assortment of cookies, from left to right: Checkerboard, Hamentaschen (like a apricot filled shortdough cookie), 3 Sisters (short dough and jam in the middle. the 3 sisters are the three holes where the jam peaks out.), marble cookies, Triple Chocolate Indulgence Cookies... Absent the day of pictures: Opera Cake, Strawberry Hearts, Madeleines, White Chocolate-Pecan Brownies, and Brandy Pretzels.

Edit: 6/4/2006 3:04PM Ok, so, if you are in the area and haven't gone to see my cakes yet, shame on you! LOL... No, seriously... I just hope the pieces of my cake haven't melted so badly it looks like crap... So, behold the unveiling of my wedding cake... After ~43 hours in 4 days I give you:

Somehow This one slipped by me. Below is my taster cake. Since Chef won't be tasting our large wedding cakes that will be on display for a month (or until it gets disgusting) we were to make a seperate taster cake.

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