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03/13/2007: "Nike+iPod"

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Yes, I'm still running. I found a great app for your webpages if you use the Nike+iPod. Check out the Nike + iPod Website Widget. You can see my CSS version on my right-hand bar. No frills yet, but when I have some time, maybe I'll make it cooler, hehe.
Bitching by Adam @ 09:54 PM PST

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On Sunday, March 18th @ 02:49 PM PST, shia said:
keep on runnin! i've actually started getting back into biking. man i'm outta shape.
the new simpler layout is better. remember KISS, "Keep It Simple, Stupid".
On Tuesday, March 20th @ 11:40 AM PST, Linnie said:
Running---how fun!!! I stopped running for the winter season; spring's coming up so i should get back to it... but i'm not on the nike thing; i simply can't afford that! i can barely afford to run. =P