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03/30/2007: "5 Things That Make You Smile"

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Hrm, If I had to choose just five, you're probably gonna think it's sad, but the five I chose is: (in no particular order)
  1. Giada DeLaurentiis' Smile.
  2. Seeing a motorcycle on the road.
  3. Hearing the Smallville theme song by Remy Zero.
  4. Playing with my little cousins.
  5. A really well plated dessert. (normally it's mine, jk)

Why did I only choose five? I think that, at this point, there's not much to smile about; and five in the short amount of time I gave myself was an interesting challenge.

What are your five?
Bitching by Adam @ 08:22 PM PST

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On Monday, April 2nd @ 10:58 AM PST, Shia said:
1) a really good bike(as in bycicle) ride; 2) bbq on my front porch; 3) **censored**; 4) an awesome meal; 5) uhh, mmm, yeah, ummm... i know! feeling good!
On Monday, April 2nd @ 10:59 AM PST, Shia said:
i am smrt. i in college. i spell bycicle good!