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05/20/2007: "Weekend Ride + MotoGP"

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Well, I finally had a nice long ride on Skyline Blvd. It's been a while since I went up hwy9/35. I actually had a concern this week that I wouldn't be able to go on my ride this weekend. I brought in my bike to get the fork seals done and it turns out there was a few small dents on the fork tubes. While driving back to work from the shop in San Mateo, I felt it pull to the left and when I applied the brakes it pulled HARD to the left. I was pissed the rest of the Friday. First thing when I got home was rip into the bike, I basically had to redial the front forks so it would ride straight(ER). After a few hours I managed to get it to right.

So, I finally saw Alice's Restaurant. Me and a bud, Gordon, back from High School made it up to Four Corners but didn't actually eat there. Probably save that for next time. This was a great weekend cause there wasn't a lot people on the road since the AMA races were this weekend at Infineon Raceway. It was fun at one of the top of the hills all you saw was fog all around you.

So, talking with moO about if I were a motoGP racer, would she be my umbrella girl? At first she said no, but then thought about it and didn't want another girl next to me holding the umbrella. However, she said she wouldn't be holding the umbrella either. Instead, imagine this, I would be holding the umbrella sitting on the bike and both of us are under the umbrella, moO with a smile on her face for the cameras and me with this embarrassed frown just waiting for the race to start. Perhaps if we have some time, Iíll try to take a picture of exactly what Iím talking about. Yes, this is what I have to put up withÖ You can email me a bunch of ''poor guy'' emails now... I get her back tho, I have a tshirt from jinx.com with the quote ''I'm only here because my server is down.'' Take that!
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