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08/19/2007: "Summer Hockey Finals"

Archived Entry:
Ok, so we won the first round of the playoffs in a fast action overtime period 3 - 2 against the 3rd seeded team. However, we lost last night to the second place team ending our season. So, I guess overall we did rather well; especially considering we were the last place team for the first half of the season.

After a rocky first half, I played a rather well season; maybe even my best season at Logitech. Or at least best half a season. I managed to finish the season as top point scorer with 10 goals and 6 assists, and 9th overall in the league. Not too shabby. Just donít tell anyone I used to play in the DD league and now play in the 5D. Does that matter? Yes and no. I donít think the action or skill is any slower. I donít know how to explain it really. I worked well with all the guys on the Misfits, and we had a great team. MehÖthat was then, this is now.

This being my first season with this quasi-new team, we started working well together which helped boost us from last to 6th place. There will be no Cinderella story next year, because I donít foresee us being in last place!

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