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07/01/2001: "Everquest"

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After a long year of playing one of the most popular online video games, I have to retire from the Everquest world. I haven't finalized it just yet, but it's coming. I managed to cancel one of my accounts, sad to say, it was my Human Monk named Wongfeii Hungg. moO was a little too happy when I told her this. After a year of the server Torvonnilous and my guild Subversive Destiny, I'm find myself asking do I have a destiny?

For the past couple months, I've been trying to get my epic weapon, the Spear of the Fates, but each time I mention it I get told to shut up. I am on the very last thing to kill to get it and the guild wouldn't help. Strangely enough, when I asked one time if they'd help me I was told we weren't doing epics and to go level, and the next week they were doing several epic mobs. Again I asked to have the last part of my epic done, I am told, "No, your epic doesn't contribute to the guild." WTF is that, sure it doesn't, but maybe perhaps for my moral it does. It might even help me level faster. Was that taken in account for? Probably not, which is why today I still do not have my epic weapon.

Today was my latest (and perhaps last) attempt at the final epic mob. I had everything set up: reminders, scheduling, player invites, I was good to go. Our guild moral isn't the best at the moment so that didn't help any. We had about a turn out less than hoped. My last mob required two high level magicians (58) and their uber fire pets, and we had to settle for zero. Not true we did have a lvl 57 mage there. Soon our cleric (the main healer) decided this raid wasn't doing to happen, and drops out. I was like, maybe we should give it a try, it never hurts. Sure without the mages we had less than what I needed, but I managed to invite two mages to come and help later, as they were on a raid themselves, but it wouldn't be for another hour or two. Few wanted to wait for them. So it was suggested that we should clear out the zone and the place holders for my epic mob, in preparation for the two uber mages to come and kill them. The discouraged were adamant about it not happening. So it didn't, and I am still without an epic weapon, and perhaps will forever be without.

It's truly sad, I've been with Subversive Destiny way before all the mergers, back when we started out as Subversive Forces, just a bunch of Real Life friends messing around on EverQuest, and this is how I am treated by my guild, my friends, my family.

I probably sound like a big computer nerd right about now, that's ok, 'cause I am one. OK, here's a little something from my real life:

Today, my cousin Jordan came for a visit, he's so cute. Today we played foozball with him. He hasn't quite grasped how to play yet, and cheers no matter which side scores a goal, but he still has fun. I guess thats what we take for granted when we get older, how to have fun, to us elders it's all about competition.
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wow... you actually set up the greymatter thing... yay