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07/04/2001: "Happy 4th Of July"

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Yesterday was the second day back to school. Odd, I was just in school last week. Hella stupid that we don't even get a week break in between quarters. At least it's only six weeks. Hrm, summer sessions suck. You have to shove three months of work in only six weeks. Still, it's only six weeks. Then again the classes are much longer and you have to sit through a whole 2 hours of one class. Then I have to sit through another 2 hours of another class. Woohoo, I got into all my classes.

Today's the 4th of July. Duh. Hope there's something to do tonight. It's cool I don't have to work either today, 'cause I have tons of homework already.
Bitching by Adam @ 10:59 AM PST