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07/25/2001: "Li'l C's Return Home"

Archived Entry:
She's back! YAY! Her rear-end had some work but she's all better now. But, I think under the hood needs a little work, she overheats when all the fluids leak. Maybe I can take some time out of my busy schedule of sleeping and watching Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon to help her out. Too much money spent getting her fixed up, but well worth it!

On a similar subject, Mercedes has hit yet another low. Several years ago with the release of their "C" class was one of their biggest idiot-brained idea. It's one thing to make a lower class, but to market it as the "affordable" Mercedes is another. When I think Mercedes, I don't want to think, oh "affordable." Sure, it's still out of my budget and it's expensive as the "affordable" (or not affordable so as the case may be) BMW, but at least BMW didn't have that lamer marketing scheme. On to the lowest point of Mercedes history, the "C" Coupe. What am I ranting about? IT'S $25,600! Who the hell buys a Mercedes for under $26 and walk around with their head high? Are these the people who buy store name brand products and put them in real name brand boxes to fool their friends? Sorry, if I offended anyone, but, come on $26k for an Import "Luxury" car? It's just wrong. My opinion? Use that money to buy the top of the line Celica or S2000, at least you'll feel like you got a deal when you leave the lot, instead of feeling like you bent over for the dealer.
Bitching by Adam @ 01:39 PM PST